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Water Pressure Issues?
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Water pressure issues can lead to more serious plumbing issues such as leaking pipes or pipes bursting. Plus, water pressure issues are disruptive to daily life in your home. Call our team to troubleshoot and fix your water pressure issues today!
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Got Water Pressure Issues? Aloha Plumbing Can Help!

If you are experiencing issues with water pressure, it’s crucial to seek expert assistance. Aloha Plumbing is prepared to step in and provide a thorough assessment and effective solutions.

Our skilled professionals are adept at addressing issues caused by excessive water pressure that can damage your pipes as well as the frustrations of insufficient pressure that affects your home. Rest assured, our team has the expertise to manage both hot and cold water pressure problems with meticulous attention and professionalism.

Restoring Your Home’s Water Pressure

Aloha Plumbing specializes in resolving a range of issues such as:

  • Enhancing and preserving the water pressure within your residence
  • Pinpointing and solving various plumbing predicaments
  • Guaranteeing uninterrupted water circulation
  • Minimizing disruptions to your everyday activities


With the assistance of Aloha Plumbing, any concerns related to water pressure will quickly become an issue of the past.

How Can We Help Restore Your Home’s Water Pressure?

Clearing Clogged Pipes

The experienced technicians at Aloha Plumbing have the prowess to overcome any obstruction in pipes. They employ a variety of specialized tools and methods specifically intended to remove stubborn clogs, ensuring that water can move freely once again.

By utilizing either chemical solutions or carefully directed air pressure, our professionals guarantee the elimination of blockages within your piping system, thereby reinstating the proper water pressure you should expect.

Pressure Regulator Adjustment or Replacement

At times, resolving issues with low water pressure can be as simple as meticulously tweaking your pressure regulator. The professionals at Aloha Plumbing are adept at calibrating or, when required, fully replacing this mechanism to ensure that your household benefits from the perfect balance of water flow. This delicate operation requires skilled hands to achieve a state where the water pressure is neither excessively high nor insufficiently low but ideally balanced.

Upgrading Outdated Plumbing

Ancient plumbing can be a looming threat for issues related to water pressure. By enlisting the services of Aloha Plumbing, you have the opportunity to replace outdated pipelines with contemporary and efficient materials. These advancements not only bolster your system’s water flow, but also enhance the overall durability of your home’s plumbing infrastructure.

Spending on modernized plumbing amenities such as a new water heater is effectively placing capital in sustained and steadfast water pressure, which is fundamental for smooth operation within your household. This ensures that both your local water supplier and municipal systems are delivering peak performance consistently.


We offer the highest level of plumbing expertise

To obtain a Master Plumber license in Maryland, candidates must have held a journey license for at least two years, completed 3,750 hours of supervised training, and passed a written examination with a score of 75% or higher.

Applicants need to provide employment verification, W-2 forms, proof of current backflow certification, and a certificate of insurance with $300,000 in general liability and $100,000 in property damage coverage.

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Let’s Solve Your Water Pressure Problem!

Struggling with a frustrating water pressure problem in your home? Whether your shower is dripping or your faucets can’t muster more than a whisper of water, Aloha Plumbing is here to help. We’ll walk you through the reasons for low water pressure and provide practical, step-by-step explanations as to how we plan to get your household water system back to its peak performance.

Understanding Water Pressure Challenges

It’s important to have consistent water pressure in your home, so activities like showering, cleaning, and enjoying the convenience of water flowing from faucets, shower heads and appliances. If this pressure changes within your home’s plumbing system, it can cause frustration and damage. The optimal range for home water pressure is typically between 40 and 60 psi with many preferring it right around 50 psi. Monitoring with a water pressure gauge ensures you keep it at that ideal level.

Identifying Symptoms of Low Water Pressure

Shower head with weak water flow

Do You Have Any Of The Following Symptoms of Water Pressure Issues?

  • Faucets with slow/minimal water flow
  • Slow refilling toilets
  • Weak showers
  • Slow filling bathtub
  • Water pressure gauge reads below 40 PSI
  • Outdoor host spigot has low water flow

If so, you likely have water pressure problems. Don’t despair! We offer a variety of services to help normalize your home’s water pressure. 

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Diagnosing the Root Causes

If you notice a significant drop in your home’s water pressure, it’s crucial to investigate and identify the root cause of this issue. Check if the main shutoff valve is completely open or if there might be an issue with the pressure regulator malfunctioning. Alternatively, consider whether mineral deposits have built up within your pipes over time, leading them to become obstructed and deteriorated—common culprits behind such pressure problems. Determining the exact cause will be vital for reinstating proper water flow throughout your residence.

Main Shutoff Valve Mishaps

Your home’s water supply is regulated by the main shut off valve, which serves as its guardian. Should this valve not be completely open, it may lead to a reduction in your water pressure. In many cases, simply adjusting the handle or wheel can restore the full flow of water. If there are indications that the shut off valve is damaged or corroded, you might need to call upon an expert who can either fix or substitute this vital part.

Pressure Regulator Failures

Occasionally, the pressure regulator that’s supposed to maintain your water pressure within a safe boundary can become problematic. When you notice erratic fluctuations in the water pressure or an enduring decline that contradicts what is set on the regulator, it indicates there’s an underlying issue.

In such circumstances, seeking out a plumber who has specialized knowledge becomes essential. They have the ability to fine-tune, purify, or substitute this crucial component associated with your water meter setup or plumbing system – thus restoring consistency and dependability to your water flow.

Mineral Buildup Clogs Pipes

Hard water contains minerals that not only have an unpleasant flavor, but also gradually accumulate in pipes, quietly leading to diminished water pressure. These accumulated mineral deposits and resulting corrosion constrict the passageways within your plumbing system, transforming what should be a vigorous flow into an annoying dribble.

By either removing these obstructions or choosing to undergo complete pipe replacement, you can significantly rejuvenate the performance of your home’s plumbing infrastructure.

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