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Leaking pipes are not only inconvenient, but can cause costly water and mold damage when not addressed quickly. We'll diagnose and fix your pipes quickly.
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Leaking Pipes? Call Aloha Plumbing!

Leaking pipes can present a BIG challenge! What begins as a minor drip can quickly spiral into a major concern, threatening water damage to your home. Pipes that leak can also drive up utility costs, and pose health risks through mold and mildew proliferation. Promptly addressing these leaks not only averts structural damage but also curtails unnecessary water expenses and minimizes the likelihood of mold-related issues. If you suspect your home has one or more leaking pipes, be sure to call our team for a swift repair or replacement.

Why fix leaking pipes quickly?

Quickly addressing leaking pipes is important to prevent structural damage to your house, which can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Early intervention also helps in avoiding inflated water bills resulting from wasted water, ensuring you only pay for what you use. Moreover, fixing leaky pipes quickly, reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth, which can have adverse health effects and lead to additional remediation expenses. By calling a professional plumber to fix leaking pipes, you will safeguard your property’s integrity, maintain a healthy living environment, and manage your utility costs effectively.

Top Reasons To Address Leaking Pipes Quickly

1. Prevent structural damage

Immediate action against leaking pipes is crucial to avoid structural damage. Water seepage can weaken building materials, leading to deterioration that compromises the stability of your property. By fixing leaks promptly, you protect the foundation and overall structure, ensuring longevity and safety.

2. Avoid high water bills

Leaking pipes can significantly increase your water bills by wasting gallons of water. Addressing these leaks quickly means you’re only paying for the water you actually use, leading to cost savings. This proactive approach not only benefits your wallet but also conserves valuable water resources.

3. Reduce risk of mold and mildew

Moist environments created by leaks are breeding grounds for mold and mildew, which pose health risks and can lead to respiratory problems. Fast leak repairs help maintain a dry and healthy environment, reducing the risk of mold-related health issues and saving on potential mold remediation costs.

Why Hire Aloha Plumbing For Your Pipe Leak Issues?

Stephen, Owner of Aloha Plumbing is a Master Plumber, licensed and certified in the state of Maryland. The criteria to become a Master Plumber is extensive and requires more hours of dedication than other levels of plumbing. We are proud to be a top rated plumbing company headquartered in Annapolis, and serving the following counties:

  • Anne Arundel County
  • Howard County
  • Queen Anne’s County

We understand that finding a reputable plumber to fix pipes can be a challenge. When water is dripping from pipes in your home, it’s stressful and overwhelming. Aloha Plumbing is not only a reputable plumbing company, but we are locally owned and operated and headquartered in Annapolis. We are proud to have many 5 star reviews on Google and popular home service sites, and encourage you to read these reviews to see what our customers have to say! We are a Maryland licensed and insured plumbing company, offering our clients peace of mind.

Do We Offer Emergency Service for Leaking Pipes?? YES!

We understand that plumbing issues can occur at inconvenient times, so we offer emergency plumbing services. Call 24 Hours a Day for plumbing emergencies:




We offer the highest level of plumbing expertise

To obtain a Master Plumber license in Maryland, candidates must have held a journey license for at least two years, completed 3,750 hours of supervised training, and passed a written examination with a score of 75% or higher.

Applicants need to provide employment verification, W-2 forms, proof of current backflow certification, and a certificate of insurance with $300,000 in general liability and $100,000 in property damage coverage.

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